Nutrition Coaching

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Would you like to:

Ditch the trendy food rules and drop the fad diets?

Establish sound nutritional habits in your busy life, without dieting or feeling deprived?

Learn to tune into your body and distinguish what works for you?

Ratio Cycling is dedicated to helping you achieve peak health and athletic performance through cardiovascular, high-intensity cycling. Regular exercise keeps us strong, and we now know that it can actually slow down the aging process. While exercise is a critical component to achieving and maintaining optimal vitality, nutrition plays an even more important role.

That is why, effective January 2019, Ratio Cycling is proud to partner with Precision Nutrition ProCoach – one of the largest and most respected nutrition coaching programs in the world – to bring you world-class, habit-based nutrition coaching. This program is designed to help you improve your body composition by incorporating habits and skills to help you stay fit for the rest of your life.

PN ProCoach delivers a comprehensive, 12-month online-based curriculum comprised of daily lessons, assignments, habits and movement recommendations. It has been successfully completed by more than 100,000 people worldwide and is backed by research and top experts in the field of nutrition.

PN ProCoach is included with the
Elite Membership and can be purchased a la carte by non-members. On the second Monday of each month, a small cohort of Ratio Cycling clients will begin their PN ProCoach journey. Be sure to sign up by the first Friday of the month if you want to join that month’s group. When you enroll in the nutrition coaching you will receive:

  • A one-on-one relationship with a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach

  • Easy-to-use platform accessible online and on mobile devices

  • Comprehensive, progressive curriculum designed with busy lifestyles in mind

  • Daily lessons (about 10 mins per day) you can read or listen to during your commute

  • Daily workouts with instruction videos (optional)

  • Assignments, educational videos and downloadable content

  • Weekly progress assessments by your coach and exercise programming

  • Habit-development guidance with new healthy habits introduced bi-weekly

  • Monthly workshops and progress photo upload (optional)

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